вопрос имя существительное:
выпуск (issue, issuance, edition, output, outlet, exhaust)
проблема (problem, issue, challenge, question, poser, proposition)
эмиссия (emission, issue)
издание (edition, publication, issue, impression)
номер журнала (issue)
исход (Exodus, outcome, result, issue, exit, event)
спорный вопрос (issue, issue of fact)
выход (output, exit, out, outlet, escape, issue)
истечение (expiration, expiry, outflow, issue, efflux, escape)
потомство (progeny, seed, posterity, breed, issue, generation)
результат (result, outcome, output, effect, product, issue)
предмет спора (issue, contention, debatable ground, contestation)
выделение (discharge, liberation, excretion, secretion, allotment, issue)
разногласие (disagreement, discord, odds, difference, dissent, issue)
вытекание (outflow, discharge, drain, issue, outlet)
потомок (descendant, child, descendent, offspring, scion, issue)
излияние (outpouring, effusion, gush, outpour, issue, spate)
доходы (gain, finance, incoming, issue)
прибыли (issue)
устье реки (estuary, mouth, firth, creek, issue, debouchment)
дети (children, babies, little ones, small children, young ones, issue)
выходное отверстие (outlet, issue)
выдавать (issue, extradite, betray, give, produce, distribute)
выпускать (produce, release, let out, let go, issue, output)
издавать (publish, issue, utter, put out, constitute, carry)
исходить (proceed, emanate, issue, radiate)
кончаться (end, finish, result, stop, run out, issue)
происходить (occur, happen, take place, be, come, issue)
пускать в обращение (put into circulation, issue, pass, publish, monetize, utter)
вытекать (flow out, run out, ensue, stream, outflow, issue)
родиться (be born, come into the world, arrive, issue)
отпускать (release, let go, dismiss, loosen, absolve, issue)
иметь результатом (result, issue)
получаться в результате (ensue, issue)
выходить (come out, exit, go out, get out, walk out, issue)

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